Sunday, December 8, 2013

Stormed In - Part 2

When I said to the Husband that we'd be stuck inside for a few days, I didn't really believe my own words. But on the third day of this ice storm, the temperature is still below freezing and there are inches of ice flattened onto our driveway. Tree branches are cracked and broken all over the place and I'm burning through episodes of The West Wing like my life depends on it. 

On our one venture outdoors, I couldn't get enough of how every leaf on every tree has been completely crystallized by the ice. The trees that are still standing are coated from leaf tip to branch base, decked in the remnants of freezing rain. 

The leaves in this photo were blown backwards and into the tree, whipped around like an icy cocoon, fallen and resting on the ground from the weight of everything. There's a poignant story in there somewhere. 

After a day of eating nothing but breakfast, I figured I should do something different for lunch on Saturday that didn't involve eggs (if only to give us something to eat on Sunday morning). I told you that I ate my Eggs Benedict recipe twice, and this grilled cheese phenomenon is also not a one-time occurrence. 

Last week I read something beautiful about a Lasagna Grilled Cheese that hung out in my head, begging for me to give it a try. The trouble is that grilled cheese sandwiches don't really translate to office microwaves, making this joy something that would have to wait until I was stuck at home with no other plans... oh, wait.

I was excited, I was pumped. I was ready to raid my pantry and Make. It. Happen! Except that I didn't have mozzarella. Or canned tomatoes. Or really any part of this sandwich. So, I played my favorite game... I don't have any of these ingredients, so how to I accomplish the same deliciousness without any of the items?

And I had a revelation. I also had goat cheese, turkey, spinach, tomatoes and delicious sourdough bread. 

You'll need:
- 1 Tbs butter
- 1 Tbs olive oil 

- Deli turkey
- Tomato
- Goat cheese
- Spinach
- Sourdough bread or a bread of your choice

Start by greasing a pan with olive oil and butter, setting the heat on low-medium. Spread chunks of goat cheese (a lot of it, if you're a cheese-o-holic like me) onto one piece of bread, then layer spinach on top of the cheese and put the turkey on top. Put tomato slices on top of the whole pile, and sandwich the pieces together. Put the sandwich into the heated pan, and cook until golden brown on each side. Slice open and enjoy the mess out of it, because this thing is delicious. 

Ice storm optional.

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