Friday, May 30, 2014

Jet-Lagging: Vacation Recap

Now that I'm officially a grown-up with a salary, health insurance coverage and all hints of midterms and finals behind me, I really could go on vacation whenever I wanted. January ski trip, off to the beach in May, San Francisco in October... there's no calendar that dictates my adventures except my own.

But vacation gives me the kind of trampoline-back-flip-head-rush, the jump in my heart when I'm somewhere new and exciting, that I crave. And for some reason, it just feels right in the summer.

We started out our summertime adventures with a trip to Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Vacation Recap - Eastern Europe

Vacation Recap - Eastern Europe by jlrey

I love Europe's "sneaker culture." Because everyone walks everywhere (and I mean just about everywhere), sneakers are the go-to shoe, and out of sheer necessity, they go with everything. As you can see by my pile of Nike gear, I embraced that concept fully.

I'm learning that you don't have to pack a lot to get a lot out of your outfit options. Pack classic options that can be worn in different ways, and you won't have to worry about your outfit choices. You're the only one who cares what you're wearing, so... care less. Enjoy your experience more.

Enough of the "what-I-wore" talk. Let's get into what I did. And ate.

Macaron stuffed with fresh fruit and pistachio crumbs. How could I not? 
New Harbor
From the top of Our Savior Church
I mean, come on.
Sunshine breaking through a rainy day.
As with every visit to an old European city, everything back home feels too shiny, bright and new for a few weeks. Give me some old architecture, 50-degree days and cobblestone streets. And my passport.