Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Something Unexpected

My day didn't start out with this intention. I was going to look really cute today, with my favorite sequin heels from J.Crew, my favorite Anthro top, and a Day One blowout.

And then it rained. 

And then it poured

And on came the Nike hoodie. 

You know those things that are your favorite things? The things that go with you on every trip, the things that you freak out when you can't find them? This Nike hoodie is one of those things. 

So are the sequin heels, to be honest, which is why they were swapped for a pair of leather Aldo pumps (and I love them too, but sometimes we have to make hard choices). 

Sometimes the best ideas come out of necessity. Sometimes it's something unexpected. And sometimes it just works. 

1 comment:

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