Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Movember, November, Schmovember

I guess I blinked and October disappeared, but I'm all right with it. November is my favorite month of the entire year. Starbucks comes out with their red holiday cups, there's a hearty chill on the wind, I can wear boots without everyone looking at me like I've gone completely insane, leaves are falling all over the dang place and the heavenly smell of wood burning in fireplaces just fills every blessed breath I take.

Other perks? It's time for a new desktop wallpaper, and I've got some awesome options for you.

First up, this adorable design from Sarah Hearts. Who can possibly resist glitter-dipped feathers? Not me, I tell you.
Image via Sarah Hearts
All of her wallpapers are amazing, and they come in versions for free download with or without a calendar. I especially like this one from September and this one from January, and these Christmas wreaths are going to be perfect for the holidays.

Up for something that's very "brown paper packages tied up with string?" This month's wallpaper from Sugar Paper is really great. Plus, their past wallpaper with gold confetti was a Hey There, Friday favorite for months. 

Image via Sugar Paper Los Angeles

Wondering what else is up around here? Check out my brand-spanking-new About Me page. 

I made a new mix for you! It's perfectly November and I think we all could use a little ear party to make us happy, happy, happy.

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