Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What to Cook When You Don't Know What to Cook

I had a plan. I printed off a recipe, I bought ingredients. But then, life happened. The dog threw up in her kennel and I had an hour's worth of cleanup to tackle, the husband had a surprise after-work commitment, and just like that, my plans for these enchiladas from How Sweet Eats circled the drain and died.

No matter, the enchilada idea will live to fight another day. 

Whenever I get a night all to myself, I usually resort to takeout or a very sophisticated spread of goat cheese, baba ganoush and pita chips.


That is what I eat, but it's far from sophisticated, as I down a bag of TJ's pita chips dunked in goat cheese while chugging a can of Coke.

But there are other options. Other delicious options. 

Enter the following parade of ingredients: ground turkey, bacon, sourdough bread, sweet potato, arugula, a poached egg, lemon, and a generous sprinkling of sriracha salt.

Excuse the quality of the photos below. I didn't have time for my real camera... I was starving!

Cook your turkey first, sweet potato second, bacon third, egg fourth. 

  1. Brown ground turkey in a cast-iron skillet with seasonings of your choice. While the turkey is cooking, wash your sweet potato and slice it into matchsticks. 
  2. After the turkey has finished cooking, transfer it to a bowl, add butter to the cast iron pan, and toss in the sweet potato matchsticks to cook through. Once cooked, remove from heat. 
  3. Start a small pot of water boiling with a generous splash of white vinegar. 
  4. While the water boils, cook three pieces of bacon in the microwave for 3 minutes.  
  5. Allow the pot to reach a soft boil, then crack your egg into the water, gently so the white doesn't break. 
  6. Remove egg from water at desired doneness with a slotted spoon. 
  7. Arrange everything on the plate however you want to, and squeeze a wedge of lemon over the items that you want to have a bit of acidity. I added a few drops to the sweet potatoes, arugula and even the watermelon. Sprinkle sriracha salt over everything on your plate (including the watermelon... holy moly) and consume.

I'm gonna call this pale-almost? Everything except the bread fits.

Find this little bit o' heaven here.

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