Sunday, August 31, 2014

Whole30 - The Night Before


There are always reasons NOT to do something. Money, time, resources... Over time these reasons become excuses, and then that thing you meant to do becomes the thing you never did because you let something else get in the way of accomplishing your goal.

Sometimes I'm guilty of letting reasons run my life. Not anymore. 

Starting tomorrow, Sept. 1, I am doing the Whole30 challenge. Not sure what this is? The website explains it all way better than I do. Go here:

I'm not going to stare at other people's before and after pictures, thinking, "Wow, I wonder what I would look like if I could pull that off." I'm going to do it for real, for me. 

So that workouts pay off. 
So that jeans fit better. 
So I can see my abs. 

So I can stop living the excuses. 

I want to say that I did it, I want to be stronger and healthier because of it, and as sure as this Sonic Coke sitting next to me, I want to be a better, healthier, happier me 30 days from now. 

Here we go. 

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