Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday Favorites #7: The Newbies

Depending on your outlook, my 2014 is either off to a great or not-so-great start, but regardless of your perspective, it is definitively predictable. I'm having a hard time being motivated to do anything today (including that stuff they pay me for), partly because because when your new canine companion whines while your perma-roommate has a 2 a.m., lights-on, loud-conversation, sleep-talking dream and then tells you that the new puppy is whining because she doesn't like her kennel, not because she has to pee and then dealing with the consequences of an oh, she really did have to pee moment, all the life you have left saps out of you before 8 a.m. 

I've also managed to not plan for any kind of breakfast at all these past two days, and instead have spent the second day in a row chowing down on my mom's leftover Christmas cookies and Dove promises. I was dragging myself through my inbox this morning when I realized that, ohmygosh, there's coffee here, and better yet, it's Friday!

I'm so glad I cleaned out my closet before Christmas, because the new additions are definitely worth the extra space I created! 

Friday Favorites: The Newbies
Friday Favorites: The Newbies by jlrey

From left to right, top to bottom: A colorblock Madewell cableknit sweater (now 40% off!), Free People's cozy cocoon sweatshirt, J.Crew's gingham popover (40% off final sale items!), J.Crew Factory gem bracelet (black version still available at 40% off final sale!), Crystal Twist Ring from Wanderlust + Co. (just $25!), the Kensington Satchel from Madewell and the NARS Guy Bourdin lip pencil collection.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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