Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Shopping My Closet: Occasion Non-Specific

When I did the Great Closet Clean-Out of 2013 and wrote down my resolutions for 2014, I vowed to stop saving things.

I have heels in my closet, barely worn, pants that I deemed "too fancy" for daytime outings, jackets "too nice," shirts "too delicate" for everyday wear. But my purchases were justified - these things are for special occasions!

By shelving my precious items for special occasions, I was really giving myself an out for avoiding fashion risks and channeling the same boring, go-to t-shirt/sweater/jeans combination for my day-to-day. In 2014, that just doesn't cut it.

Then I read Refinery 29's 10 Commandments of Style, and found yet another voice championing me to re-wear the fancy pieces for not-so-fancy moments.

That, and I just really wanted to wear a fur jacket today, even with my Nike hoodie. 

Non-Specific Occasion

Non-Specific Occasion by jlrey

What do you have in your closet that you can re-purpose?

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