Monday, October 7, 2013

Crossfit: Outside the Box

Right up until our vacation, I had been attending CrossFit classes at a gym down the road from our home. Over the course of my first three weeks at the gym, the classes I was able to attend trickled down from five per week to two, with talk of eliminating morning classes altogether, as the bulk of their members attended evening classes. Weighing price and class availability to ascertain the value I was getting out of this particular CrossFit experience led to this decision: I had to find a new CrossFit family.

While I'm in transition, I didn't want to let my workouts slip. So on this past Thursday, I did an "outside the Box" (pun intended) workout with my awesome friend Alana, incorporating CrossFit movements with runs. Here's what we did:

Warm Up:
Walk into the park
Light 400m run

Work Out:
10 push-ups (x2)
10 box jumps (x2)
10 sit-ups (x2)
15 squats (x2)
200 m run

Cool Down:
Light 200m run
15 sit ups

I'm still itching to get back into a CrossFit box, but until then, I'm following WODs from the main CrossFit website, and modifying them to fit what equipment I have available.

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