Monday, October 14, 2013

Shopping My Closet: Outfit Planning

I plan outfits like some people plan meals. Granted, someone's mandolining of fresh veggies into crunchable discs to be munched on all week long may generate a hearty hand-clap from nutrition nuts everywhere, but what are they wearing? #couldhavehadaV8 

The heavens have finally opened up and drenched us with rain, bringing with it a beautiful cold front that will drop our collective temperature down 20 degrees over the course of the day tomorrow. In other words, it's time for LAYERS, people! What are you going to wear?

I submit, for your consideration, outfit inspiration for the rest of the week. Make it your own, make it functional. Pull out your favorite coat (leather, pea, trench, what have you), some sneakers, some brogues... scarves and sleeves, because it's fall, glorious fall.

Tuesday: T-shirt with a denim shirt, layered with a coat. Black jeans, black shoes, black bag... Sullen expression optional.

Wednesday: Sneakers, always a good idea. With newly-found leather joggers (more on that later)? Nobody can tell you no.

Thursday: Red lips and coffee not optional. It'll be Pre-Friday, so do what you want. 

Friday: Lest you think I have an undiagnosed aversion to color, I give you this... Pick a color, any color. Pick your most exciting shoes. Pick a graphic t-shirt. Wear with aplomb. 

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