Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Shopping My Closet: Who I Want to Be

One of the great things about being a woman is that there are so many options for getting dressed in the morning. Jeans, pants, ponte pants, distressed denim, wide-leg, skinny, boyfriend-style dress pants, skirts, minis, shorts, t-shirts, button-downs, cardigans, blouses, tanks... the list literally goes on. And on.

But with all of these choices at our disposal (depending on your closet style and proclivities for non-essential item storage, sequester pun intended) how in the world is it possible to stare into the depths of a walk-in and declare that the age-old problem has come to plague you; in short,how is it possible that you have nothing to wear?

I came across a quote by Caitlin Moran that sums up this feeling quite succinctly.

If we're being honest here, I don't remember what I wore on Monday. I could sit here and make something up for you, but it would be a false memory. I know precisely what I wore yesterday, because I can tell you precisely who I wanted to be yesterday. I wanted to be a slouchy college student again. I wanted to be comfortable, and I dressed to fit. 

Lazy Tuesday
Lazy Tuesday by jlrey

A while back, I mentioned that during the whole "Shopping My Closet" experiment, there exists in my closet, a pair of Free People jeans that were purchased when I thought I was 5'10" and had big plans to wear heels all the time (full disclosure: I'm not 5'10", and heels make an appearance once a week on Sundays). I could say "wide leg," I could even say, "extreme wide leg," but unless you see it, you won't believe me.

These are real, I own them, but I did not pay sticker price for them (come on, now). And last night, I was determined to make these jeans work into a really cute, boho-hippie-chic outfit for today, but it didn't happen. One failed attempt at recreating a "sleep in it overnight and wake up with gorgeous hair in the morning" from Refinery29 (I don't blame you guys, really), and I spent 45 minutes getting my hair back to normal, leaving exactly two minutes to pull on a foolproof outfit and run out the door. So today, this is what I wore, because aggravation and disinterest is, of course, communicated best in black. 
Black Wednesday
Black Wednesday by jlrey

Last night, inspired by my initial idea to pull off what was either going to be a really great or un-postable outfit (daring either way, kids), I tried out a black matte manicure. I bought a bottle of Essie's Matte About You back when the matte thing really became a trend, but literally never used it. But inspired by Pinterest (where else, really?), I think I like the matte black better than a glossy black. See for yourself. 

So, let's chat. Who are you going to be today? Tomorrow? What are you wearing to make it happen? 

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  1. I want to be a stylish mom that still looks like she has a tiny clue about what's going on in fashion even though she totally doesn't. Today I chose ripped jeans, an aztec tank, leopard cardigan, gold sandals, and a topknot. I'm OBSESSED with the cardigan you wore yesterday. I think I need that whole outfit.