Monday, October 28, 2013

Dupe It Up

Unfortunately, I am not made of money. I'm sure this is quite a revelation, as you may have expected silver dollars to be flying off my fingers as I type, but the whole concept of "Shopping My Closet" came from a need to cut back on shopping expenditures and really evaluate how to wear what I already had at my disposal. That being said, the covetous urge rears its fashionable head pretty frequently. It's impossible to scroll through page after page of blogs and pins and not think, "Oh my goodness, I need that (insert shoe/sweater/pant/wide-brimmed wool fedora here) right this minute," as you whip out your credit card and, regardless of the current balance, start typing out the numbers that will send your closet to style heaven and everything else into a tailspin.

Personally, I have internal numbers that I just won't pass when it comes to purchasing so-called, "must-haves," and since none of those numbers match the rates on designer price tags, I started searching for carefully crafted duplicates, or items that were inspired by designer items I craved. I would be remiss if I didn't point you in the direction of my inspirations, Penny Chic and Penny Pincher Fashion. These girls have got it down.

Allow me to regale you with an instance in which Penny Pincher Fashion just about saved my life. For months, nay, years, I have been obsessed with lace-up sandals. The Altuzarra versions feature prominently on Man Repeller's blog, here, here and here, and on Pinterest, all over the dang place. My envy for these go-with-everything shields of awesomeness only grew with every photo I passed. The pictures below are all skirted examples, but these babies go with jeans, leather pants, white pants, dresses, tunics, your mom's bathrobe... everything. Ev-er-y-th-ing.

I was one click away from purchasing a pair of close-but-not-quite Zara heels that would have run me about $90 when I stumbled across this post from Penny Pincher Fashion. 

The bells rang, the skies opened up with sunshine and the people rejoiced. Lace-up heels for under $50? I clicked buy and have worn them with everything, absolutely everything. Love is in the pre-holiday air, and it comes in the form of black lace-up heels. 

Now go get your Monday on. Put on your boogie shoes!

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