Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Favorites #4

There's nothing like the glory of a beautiful Friday without the shadow of work lording over every cup of coffee (I might be on my 5th mug of "go juice," but that's irrelevant). When you get an extra day to spend on your weekend, everything is wonderful, but as we move from workday to weekend, treat yourself to some Friday Favorites!

I'm obsessed with fall's makeup trends of wine-stained lips, bronze cheekbones and minimal eye makeup. I even went out and bought "brownish-black" mascara today, and that hasn't graced my little eyelashes since the first foray into makeup way back in high school. You can't look at this picture and tell me you're not jumping out of the airplane with me, red lips and all, can you?

I'm also desperately trying to replicate the hairstyle that everyone but me seems to be able to execute... curls via a straightener. I can get one tiny section of my hair to curl like I want it to, but then I clamp too hard, run it through too fast or don't bend it enough, but this is the best tutorial I've seen yet. If I have to prop my iPad up in front of the sink while I work step-by-step, that's what's gonna happen.

Here are my favorite products going into this weekend.

I didn't realize I'd made such a Benefit haul until I started writing this post, but let me tell you, these products are just about all I need to make myself look presentable every morning. Gimme Brow turns my blonde eyebrows into actual facial features, Hoola Bronzer gives me cheekbones without summertime shimmer, and the classic Benetint shade can be layered from a slightly rose-hued tint to a full-on red lip. 

I picked up these awesome loafers on sale at Old Navy. They're the only emerald item I've picked up in 2013 to honor Pantone's color choice, but they're so comfortable that I'm wearing them with everything. Unfortunately they're out of stock online, but check your local Old Navy for options in fuschia, emerald and a deep mocha brown.

 And for your weekend jams, I highly recommend Typhoon's White Lighter album. Get it on iTunes, get it on Amazon, but get it and hit "repeat."

Now party on, weekenders!

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