Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Month of CrossFit - Day 6

"Thank you for not arguing with me"

Every time I think I've done CrossFit's hardest workout, I get throttled with another WOD. The thing is (and what keeps me coming back) that while it sucks, seriously sucks for a full hour of my day, I like feeling as though I've accomplished something impossible. Which leads me to today's workout.

Warm Up:
20 pass-throughs
10 PVC overhead squats
20 light dumbell snatches
20 lateral step-ups
25m lateral lunge
1 minute row (no legs)
1 minute row (no arms)

For Time - 5 Rounds of:
400m run (I did 200 m)
20 split snatches (I did 25 each round, because I had that number ingrained in my head for some reason, and so I technically did more than I was supposed to and could have finished earlier - for which I'm kind of kicking myself.)

My Time: 29:47

Alisha, my trainer, said to do 200m runs instead of 400, to keep me on track with the rest of the crew. When I thanked her for giving me a shorter distance that I could actually handle, she said, "Thanks for not arguing with me - I try to set your limits to what I think you can reasonably accomplish without dying in the time provided. Some people try to argue and say, 'No, I can make it that far,' or 'No, I can lift this much,' and maybe you can, but can you do it without being 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes behind everyone else? Probably not. So thanks for letting me really train you." 

Which felt good, even if my legs did fall off at the end.

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