Thursday, July 25, 2013

Shopping My Closet: Snap Out of It

It's not just you - It's me, too

I thought I was going crazy. For the past three days, I've just been in an impenetrable funk, aggravated by the sound of someone breathing, the vibration of a coworker's mouse as it scratchy-scrolls down a page... and then, in the height of my discomfort, I read this by Leandra Medine, the Man Repeller herself.

The thought of out-dressing my blahs hadn't really occurred to me. After all, if the misery of all miseries (not miniseries, although sometimes I think my angsty moments could take on their own Netflix show) is raining down upon you - I can't decide between serif or sans, I've received two ALL-CAPS e-mails since sitting down this morning, my coffee is already cold, I just hate everything kind of misery - the typical course of action is to throw on the clothes to match your mood. Would that rainclouds came in denim. 

But instead going with the strategy to pick my three favorite items of clothing and try pairing them all together, I went with some current go-tos: a burnout white tank from Nordsrom that's the right amount of muscle tee/slouchy tunic/scoop neck, these destroyed jeans that stretch enough for me to sit in my desk chair Indian-style, and these ankle boots. My vest is a $10 find from Urban Outfitters (the awesome one in Austin, how did you know?) The necklaces are just the icing on top of the blah-proof-ness (and proof that Pinterest boards really can inspire), and the music pumping through my ears makes me feel like dancing. 


The picture above helped craft the outfit below. Boom, baby.

Pre-Friday is Blah-Proof

Pre-Friday is Blah-Proof by jlrey featuring charm jewelry

Need more help with the blah-banishing? Go here. Or here, if that doesn't convince you. Now go dust yourself off and make a party out of this pre-Friday.

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  1. Reading the "shop your closet" series has inspired me to schedule a total closet revamp this weekend. Hopefully I can come up with some cute pairings like you have here and bring my wardrobe hottness level up a knotch.