Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Shopping My Closet: Good Glothes for Long Days

Keep On Keepin' On

Yesterday I was sitting here thinking about Diana Vreeland, and her "Why Don't You?" column for Harper's Bazaar that ran for 26 years (a little less than the span of my entire life, and significantly longer than the span of my conscious life). Some of DV's "Why Don't You?" suggestions veered into the realm of ridiculous, but some just made you think, "Well all right, why not?" 

So why not wear bright blue pants with neon pink cap toe oxfords, instead of with the standard black flats? I've picked a particularly comfortable pair of pants (the Minnie style that I picked up on super sale) from J.Crew, brogues with a neon pink cap toe from H&M in Paris and a black pleated chiffon blouse that I picked up on sale at LOFT. The picture below doesn't do the shoes justice, but neither does the iPhone camera I have with me (the real camera hardly ever makes the trek to the office), so you'll have to settle for a mashup of the two this morning. 

Keep On Keepin' On
Keep On Keepin' On by jlrey

This is the not-so-awesome iPhone picture that you'll have to forgive me for, but I can't just let you believe I am not wearing the awesome oxfords I described. 

And for the final, "Why don't you?" moment of the day, I took the extra time this morning to give my hair a legit blowout, taking cues from Drybar's DIY series. I followed the steps for the Mai Tai without the extra curl at the end (because my "why not" moment ran me straight out of time), but here's the link for your viewing pleasure. 

And here are the results, because, why not?

Have a stellar Tuesday!

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