Thursday, July 18, 2013

Shopping My Closet: Pre-Friday

I have a pair of black utility/parachute washed silk pants from Free People that I bought on a whim a couple of years ago. I was on a Free People roll then, and I have a couple of one-off items that will have their day of reckoning in the Shopping My Closet series, including but not limited to: ultra-wide-leg jeans, red bell bottoms and an enormous hoodie-sweater hybrid that is my buddy on every plane ride I take. I probably haven't worn the washed-silk pants in a full calendar year, and they've avoided the bi-annual closet purge by being so darn comfortable and lightweight. Now that I'm proving their versatility, I feel justified in allowing them to carve out a slice of space in my jam-packed closet.

The shirt pictured is one I actually own from H&M. The sweater pictured is A.L.C., but mine is from last winter's Loft sale and looks remarkably similar to this photo below (side slits and everything). 

The Madewell flats are the perfect essential nude ballet flats, and they were on sale, which made them even more essential. Repeat after me: these go with everything.

The necklace today is also Madewell, the notebook is maybe even more essential than the flats and fits perfectly in my not-pictured purse, and yes, I am still carrying around my coffee at 12:39 p.m. CST. 


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