Friday, July 26, 2013

A Month of CrossFit - Day 7

Now Press "Repeat"

This morning, I had another one of those dreams where I thought CrossFit was cancelled - I guess it's just my subconscious craving the extra sleep, but in the early, rainy hours of this morning, I was not feeling a workout.

Repeat after me: eat before you workout. Even if it's just a piece of dry toast (or bread, we've all been there), find something that sits well on your stomach and fuel up before you throw down.

I actually made it through this morning's workout without dying, but I'm going to credit the exercise modifications and my ability to pace myself for that, not my wannabe superhero strength. 

Warm Up:
15 ring rows
15 Russian KB swings (eye level)
20 lateral step-ups
25m inchworm (I'm starting to hate this exercise so much)
15 wall balls
50m bunny hops
50m grapevine

30 minute AMRAP of:
5 deadlifts (I did 65lbs)
13 push-ups (on my knees, leaning on a box)
9 box jumps (I did step-ups)

When the 30 minutes were up, I had completed 13 rounds, going at about 2 minutes per round, with a little extra resting time in between. I'm starting to notice that my arms are getting some definition back to them, which is a plus as tank top season continues and temperatures are scheduled to hit triple digits next week. 

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