Monday, August 5, 2013

A Month of CrossFit: Day 9

Dragging myself to the gym this morning is the last thing I wanted to do after a weekend of good food and relaxation on the river, but it was the first thing I needed to do to get my body back on track. I pushed it this morning and made it through the whole workout without many modifications, even doing my Rx of thruster reps.

Now, down to business.

Warm-Up:2x Through:
20 air squats
20 supermans
50m small hops
20 ball slams

Then a 400m run.

1,000m row
50 thrusters at 35 lbs
30 pull-ups (I did jumping pull ups, where you stand on a box, bend your knees until your arms are straight, and then jump up to get your chin over the bar)
My time: 16:34

While I'm still waiting to really start seeing results from CrossFit materialize in how my clothes fit and how my body looks, I'm definitely feeling stronger and recovering more quickly from workouts. I need to start taking measurements so I can better track my progress.

When you're starting a new fitness routine, how do you measure success?

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