Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Favorites #3

Every week when Friday comes around, I start putting together a "wish list" of weekend activities that start at 5pm and stretch through Sunday night. Tonight, I'm counting on soaking up the forecasted 79-degree low temperature on a patio somewhere, then waking up for some delicious brunch and some rock wall climbing, a day/night with friends and my love, and a Sunday with a nap squeezed in there somewhere. 

Before we get into the perfect weekend combination of activity and relaxation, let's wrap up another week with a list of Friday Favorites.

After spending a hefty amount of time on IndieShuffle and 8Tracks, I recently got back on the NPR Music bandwagon, and it couldn't have come at a better time. Right now they're previewing Typhoon's new album White Lighter (1), and you can listen for free here. I've had it on repeat for days, and can't wait to buy the album when it comes out on Aug. 30. 

I recently watched a great video from Vivianna Does Makeup about doing your entire makeup routine with your hands, which I used to do, but I was lured away by a skunk brush and promises of air-brushed looks. Regardless of what makeup application you use, this method really is a great way to achieve the dewy, natural look that a triple-digit summer demands, and prompted the purchase of Sonia Kashuk's cream bronzer (2) and the liquid tint blush in Peony (3) that can be layered for lighter/brighter looks. I also needed a new concealer, and decided to try this new formula from Sephora (4) - guaranteeing 8-hour waterproof protection. I don't have enough experience with it to post a personal review yet, but we'll see.  

I don't know if it's CrossFit enthusiasm working its way into my daily life or if I've been inspired by Refinery29's sneaker features, here and here, but I'm obsessed with trying to work sneakers into every single outfit I wear. And of course, inspiration abounds on Pinterest (5). 

Need some inspirational, heart-warming quotes to make even the worst days brighter? Check out Brian Andreas' Story People (6). And speaking of inspirational, you can never have too much knowledge in your noggin, and that's why I've been listening to TEDTalks (7) when I'm not jamming out to new tunes on NPR.

And finally, I caved and bought the Dr. Weil Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief cream (8) from Origins. I love the way it smells/feels/hydrates my skin - it's fantastic!

That's it for us here at Hey There, Friday - now go get your weekend on!

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