Friday, August 9, 2013

A Month of CrossFit: Day 10

Fight Gone Bad

The last time I wrote about CrossFit, I mentioned how I wanted to see some changes happen on the scale. In all honesty, with the weights I'm using and the way our workouts are going, there won't be a massive change on the scale for a while. And I think I"m okay with that.

Why am I okay with not seeing results on the scale, our standard rule of weight-loss measurement? Because I'm seeing results in other ways. I did walking lunges across the span of the Box this morning without feeling like I would die. I can feel my muscles working to be better, faster, stronger at runs, pull-ups, kettlebell swings and push-presses. My back, shoulders and arms are looking more toned and my legs are losing the "squishy parts." Now that's progress. 

This morning our trainer said that this was the workout that would make us regret coming to the gym, and he was almost right. I really tried to pace myself so I didn't get to the oh my gosh, I'm going to vomit, faint and die on this gym floor phase, but I left with shaking arms. 

Warm Up:
Easy row - 2 minutes
20 leg swings
50ft walking lunges
20 PVC pass-throughs

WOD: "Fight Gone Bad"
3 rounds at 5 stations for 1 minute each station and 1 minute rest between rounds
Max reps at each.

Row for calories - R1: R2: R3: 10
Wall ball (15 lbs) - R1: 21 R2: 12 R3: 7
SDHP (35 lbs) - R1: 10 R2: 10 R3: 12
Box Jump/Step Up (16" box) - R1: 11 R2: 11 R3: 13
Push Press (35 lbs) - R1: 13 R2: 13 R3: 10

Total Score: 163

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