Friday, August 9, 2013

Shopping My Closet: Thursday Catch-Up & Shark Week Friday

Get Creative, Get Comfy

When I get home at the end of the day, about three minutes of time pass before I'm out of the clothes I wore all day and into a pair of Nike shorts and a huge T-shirt. And those three minutes includes how much time it takes me to get from the front door, up two flights of stairs and find said comfy clothes. Moreover, when you're fighting the deep-seated conviction that you will absolutely die if your feet touch the floor in the morning, you aren't in the mood to squeeze into some ridiculous pencil skirt and strap on a pair of heels. At least, I'm not. 

But that's where Thursday's (sorry, I'm a slacker) and Friday's outfits come in. Comfortable, functional, and good enough to pass for office wear (at least in my office, that is). 


Mix prints and have fun doing it. I wore a striped shirt from J.Crew, a cardigan from H&M and my standard UO black jeans, plus a pair of ballet flats that I will never, ever, ever throw away, because their bargain price of $9 on super sale at the random Gap in Santa Cruz, compiled with the journey they've been on around the world, guys earns them space in my closet for eternity. 

Pictured below is a tote bag I don't own but wish I did from Baggu (because their stuff is legit). 

Thursday Casual


Today I got home from CrossFit and decided I liked the way my sneakers were stabilizing my shaking feet on the pavement, and so I switched from my black Nike Flex to my neon Nike Frees, threw on a couple of pairs of J.Crew tanks, the jeans that seem to go with just about everything, and my favorite Nike hoodie to tackle this Friday. 

And a gold shark tooth necklace, because we're wrapping up Shark Week. 

Shark Week Friday

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