Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Month of CrossFit: Day 12

When I started working out, I could never see myself being a person who "missed" the gym. I would hear people say I would miss it if I skipped a workout, or I would crave getting back into the box after a few days off, but I didn't believe it in the slightest. I'm just not that kind of person. 

Friends, I think that day has come. 

I woke up this morning completely miserable. I laid in bed, arguing with myself about whether or not I would actually get up and go to the gym. I was THISCLOSE to saying, "Screw it, I'll just go on Friday," and then something clicked in my brain. I wasn't going to be weakened by my WOD, I was going to be strengthened by it. And I could use some extra strength right now.

So I went. 

And I killed it.

Warm Up:
15 PVC pass-throughs
10 KB swings
50ft. walking lunges
20 sit ups

Then, I did a one rep max deadlift. If you've been with me from the beginning, you'll know that on my first day, I maxed out at 108lbs. At the time, while so many other people were doing max reps of 125, 130 lbs, I felt so weak. But this morning, I felt powerful. 

We started at 50% of my previous max, then moved up to 110, then moved up again to 135. My trainer was on my side the whole time, pushing me to take it one step further. I took a deep breath, remembered my form (laces under the bar, squat down, grab, butt down, chest up, drive your heels into the ground and push the earth away) and did a one rep max DL of 155lbs. Talk about being strengthened by the WOD... I was on a CrossFit high and ready to tackle the rest of the workout.

For Time:
50m 45lb sled drag
50m sprint
50m farmer's carry (I did 45lbs)
50m sprint
- 2-minute rest - 
50m 45lb sled drag
50m sprint
50m farmer's carry
50m sprint

My goal was to do the whole thing in under 6 minutes, having seen another CrossFitter's time of 5:07 on the board. But when adrenaline and sheer force of will takes over, you can do anything. And I pulled this off in 5:29. 

I'm on a whole 'nother level, kids. 

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