Sunday, September 14, 2014

Whole30 - Day 14

I've been getting a little discouraged lately, since the end of the Whole30 is so far away, but today I compared my "Before" pictures to the "now" me, and there are definitely differences in how I look, and more importantly, major differences in the way I feel.

I had a friend ask how I'll be eating after I come off the program, and it gave me pause. I'm not sure yet how I'll incorporate the Whole30 lifestyle into my everyday. It's something to think on as the challenge winds down. 

If you've done the Whole30 before, what's your method for reintroducing foods into your diet post-program?

Day 14 Recap:

Breakfast: compliant bacon and coffee
Lunch: grilled avocados with barbacoa, onions and pico de gallo
Dinner: veggie sushi with seaweed instead of rice, no soy sauce

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