Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Whole30 - Days 8 & 9

Forgive me for the laziness of lumping two days into one post. I think after you read my Day 8 recap, you'll understand why I couldn't just leave you with that sad blurb.

Day 8

According to my Whole30 "whole"-y grail, the My Primal Provisions blog, Day 8 should feel... puffy. And that's an understatement. As your body gets used to all the new foods, lack of sugar and hyper-processed stuff that you normally gorge on, your digestive system takes a few days to reset itself. This usually happens around Day 8. Imagine you ate all of the sodium and fried foods in the world, and then double that gross feeling.

The good news? Waking up with my alarm clock is getting a lot less difficult to do.

The bad news? The gross feeling made me not want to do anything. When I got home, the only thing I was interested in doing was passing out on the couch, but I forced myself into making a smoothie and doing some Day 9 food prep.

Day 8 Recap:

Breakfast: leftover sweet potato and hatch chile hash with chicken and baked egg
Lunch: broccoli salad with Trader Joe's canned salmon (not a fan.)
Dinner: smoothie with strawberries, banana, peaches, avocado, coconut milk and chia seeds (made enough for two so I would have an easy breakfast on Day 9 or 10)

Day 9

Well, thank goodness for a good day. Day 8 was so depressing that quitting looked like a viable option, but Day 9 has been a complete 180. 

Sometimes you just have to buckle down and make good food. Meal prep helps a ton, but so does knowing exactly what you like, don't like, and what you're willing to try. I tried the whole broccoli salad/salmon thing, and was not a fan (at all, not at all...), but I should have known my taste buds would need some time getting used to a giant pile of broccoli as "lunch." 

On Day 7, I made some delicious Pork Carnitas (my own little recipe), and packed them for lunch for Day 9. I wish I would have taken a picture of them for you, but to be honest, I ate them too fast. These tacos with butter lettuce, diced white onions and Trader Joe's Salsa Verde are a total game-changer. They make your day better, I promise. 

Day 9 Recap:

Breakfast: Sweet potato hash with chicken
Lunch: pork carnitas tacos!
Dinner: sweet potato hash with pork, chicken and a poached egg (protein for the win!)

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