Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Whole30 - Day 3

On the Whole30 website, Day 2 & 3 are listed as "The Hangover." It's the feeling you get when all the garbage you binged on pre-Whole30 catches up with you. 

I expected to be more monstrous than this, but days 2 & (so far) 3, have not been horrible. I have been tired, so dang tired, but the little headache gremlins have left me alone so far. Like the Whole30 Timeline says, "the amount of suck you experience in this phase is directly proportional to the amount of crap you consumed before you began the program." If I objectively examine my diet leading up to the challenge, I didn't really binge or divert from my norm. My norm, however, is definitely not Whole30-friendly, and so I've been experiencing some major cravings. 

Yesterday I had to keep telling myself, "No." No, you can't have that Jolly Rancher. No, dolmades are not plan-approved. No, don't go near the cheese aisle in Whole Foods. No, you cannot have hummus. 


I bought loads of fresh veggies at the grocery store, organic grass-fed meats and good-for-ya fruits. I told you - I read the labels a million times. And I was sometimes disappointed. Sriracha has sugar in it! This vinegar has sugar in it! Everything has sugar in it!!

Everything! Ev. Ry. Thang. 

That was how I felt yesterday. I admit I was a bit cranky. 

I think it's okay to feel aggravated by all the new "don'ts" in your life. It makes you realize how much of your diet is crowded with bad-for-you stuff. But like Jacob (we're gonna be on a first-name basis here) at says, Whole30 is about more than just what you eat. It's about your relationship to what you eat, how you eat it, and how it affects your lifestyle.

Day 3 Recap:

Breakfast: three mini frittatas, half an avocado with tobasco sauce
Lunch: sweet potato with chorizo, chicken, tahini and a side of broccoli
Snack: apple with cashew butter
Dinner: soft-boiled egg and apple with cashew butter

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