Saturday, September 27, 2014

Whole30 - Day 27

Today, even while I was on vacation, I couldn't help but think about what Day 31 is going to look like. After all, Whole30 isn't meant to be just a challenge you shrug off the moment it's done - it's a lifestyle change.

When I started Whole30, I didn't truly understand how much this method of eating would affect me. I thought I'd do the challenge, then bounce right back to my old habits after everything was said and done.

Um, wrong.

I don't want to binge on bad-for-me-stuff. I don't want to watch all this hard work to go to waste. I want to take a good, hard look at how these foods affect me, and measure how I feel after I consume them. This post from My Primal Provisions only fueled my reintroduction fire.

Day 27 Recap:

Breakfast: fruit plate and black coffee
Lunch: poached eggs with flank steak
Dinner: grilled salmon with grilled veggies

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