Sunday, September 28, 2014

Whole30 - Day 28

With just two more days left to go on the Whole30, I've been thinking about how different this challenge has been compared to every other diet plan I've tried. My friends and I were talking this week about other diets we've attempted, and how transient the results have been. Weight Watchers, counting calories, the 5-2 fasting diet, smoothie meal substitutes... Sure, maybe you get the momentary satisfaction of having dropped 5 or 10 lbs., but how do you feel? If you feel the same and look the same, what change did you make? If you're eating loads of processed junk in an effort to stay under 300 calories for every single meal, how is your body getting what it needs?

I can see the change; I can feel the results. And the best part? I know I've made a life-long change.

Day 28 Recap:

Breakfast: bacon, eggs, breakfast potatoes
Lunch: fruit & nut butter
Dinner: grilled chicken with avocado and steamed broccoli

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