Thursday, September 4, 2014

Whole30 - Day 4

Helloooo, moodiness. Today, some angsty feelings crept in. First, it was a bad night's sleep with some rotten dreams, then it was a late start to the morning, trying to be a trooper about eating the rest of the leftover frittata and instead having a bad attitude, then a full work day and a grueling drive home in rush-hour traffic. 

Every blog, everywhere, reminds us Whole30-ers that this feeling comes, and passes. There will be better days. At some point you will get to the "I can do anything!" phase, and while that may not be today, don't give up. Make some eggs, drink a cup of black coffee and take a deep, deep breath.

Day 4 Recap:

Breakfast: leftover frittata with tobasco, avocado and a side of fruit
Lunch: sweet potato with broccoli, chicken, chorizo and tahini
Dinner: red potato stacks with smoked salmon, a poached egg and tahini

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