Friday, September 19, 2014

Whole30 - Days 17- 19

Day 17-19: What to do when you're eating out (for literally every meal)

Sometimes eating out is unavoidable, like when you go out of town on a business trip and don't have your normal schedule, kitchen, or food prep available. That's been my situation for the past few days.

As with anything, but more so with dining out, you're going to be confronted with choices, and opportunities to choose the wrong thing. You have no way of knowing how that restaurant cooks their chicken, if there's any sugar incorporated with their spices, etc., and your server may not know, even if you ask. 

Look at the ingredients and make informed decisions. A glaze on your steak? Probably has honey or some kind of sugar in it. Cream sauces? No go. Mayos? Typically loaded with sugar. Sherry or white wine sauces? Nope.

But here's a tip for when everyone is standing around sipping on their sugar-laden beverages of choice... order club soda with lime. It's more exciting than plain old water, and fills you up so you aren't tempted by the table full of appetizers sitting right in front of you.

Day 17 Recap:

Breakfast: smoothie (on the road)
Lunch: fajita steak with onions, peppers and salsa
Dinner: blackened salmon with arugula, avocado and taro chips

Day 18 Recap:

Breakfast: coffee on the way to a meeting 
Lunch: raw zucchini salad, grilled chicken, green pressed juice
Dinner: homemade chili (hooray for friends who cook!) and fruit for dessert

Day 19 Recap:

Breakfast: chorizo & egg breakfast tacos
Lunch: shredded brisket with avocado and garlic green beans
Dinner: sweet potato fries and a smoothie (on the go again)

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