Friday, September 5, 2014

Whole30 - Day 5

Oh, Day 5. The final day of "KILL ALL THE THINGS," and I am ready for the weekend. At the start of the week, I felt like I had a great meal plan set up, but at the end of the week, I was bored with my predetermined food choices. Word to the wise: same-old, same-old, day after day, will make you go crazy, and it makes the "kill all the things" phase so much worse.

I was already bored with my food options, but then we went out to eat for the first time since starting the Whole30 challenge. Dinner with friends at a cajun restaurant left me eating blackened fish with broccolini... delicious, but a far cry from the dirty rice and crawfish etouffee that I wanted to dig into. *sigh*

I'm ready for new things, a new week, and the Tiger Blood phase to kick in!

Day 5 Recap:

Breakfast: last day of mini frittatas! Hooray!
Lunch: sweet potato with chicken, chorizo, tahini
Dinner: blackened mahi mahi with broccolini

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