Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Whole30 - Day 2

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I don't know day this hits everyone else on, but today I was struck by how much work the Whole30 plan requires. I spent at least twice the time I usually do at the grocery store, reading, re-reading, checking and re-checking labels. Even when the sticker said, "organic," I scanned the list of ingredients for Whole30 "no-nos." 

And then once you buy the food, you have to prep it. 

I spent three hours tonight cooking chicken, boiling eggs, making salads, separating out meal ingredients and putting everything in handy little tupperware containers. 

And then I realized how hungry I was. 

Note to self: do not allow yourself to get to the point of starvation. You will consider doing awful, sugary, horrible things. 

Here's my Day 2 recap:

Breakfast: three mini frittatas with red peppers & onions; black coffee

Lunch: hit up the salad bar at Whole Foods (which handily has the ingredients to every item written above it) for a medly of salad items, and chicken, no dressing; raw kombucha

Snack: Granny Smith apple dipped in cashew butter

Dinner: two small sweet potatoes, baked with ghee, topped with tahini, chorizo and chicken; broccoli and water

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