Friday, September 26, 2014

Whole30 - Days 24 - 26

And the final seven days begin!

Day 24

On Wednesday I got a chance to talk to some of my friends about my Whole30 journey - I even shared some of my before & Day 14 comparison pictures, which I thought I would never do. It feels awesome to be able to show off what I've accomplished.

Day 24 Recap:

Breakfast: smoothie with strawberry, banana, avocado, coconut milk and chia seeds
Lunch: Whole Foods salad bar
Dinner: grilled veggies, dried mango, fruit & nut dip

Day 25

Finally some of these cravings have started to ebb. I'm almost used to my new Starbucks order: a tall black iced coffee with no sweetener or room for cream, and what seemed like an annoyingly long lunchtime prep exercise is now a ritual I enjoy. 

Day 25 Recap:

Breakfast: apple & mango fruit bar from Trader Joe's
Lunch: sweet potato with homemade, compliant, chicken salad
Dinner: same as lunch... I got lazy

Day 26

Another day on the road, another night away. Making good food choices when I'm out of town makes me crave my kitchen and comforts of home. It's even harder when someone is cooking food for you, but not impossible. Stick to your (polite!) guns, and everybody wins.

Day 26 Recap:

Breakfast: smoothie and some compliant breakfast sausage
Lunch: mango & apple bar, apple and some fruit
Dinner: grilled veggies and chicken

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